Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Modernised Gothics

This course will look at how gothic lettering can be adapted into more contemporary scripts, along the lines of the process used for developing the Marisco wine labels. We will start by looking at some more formal and informal gothic scripts and then merge them with elements of non-medieval alphabets in order to come up with new types of script. This process will initially be experimental, but the intention is that you will all be able to develop and apply your own alphabet by the end of the course. Here is the link to Peter's work at the Marisco web site click here

Tutor: Peter Gilderdale
When: August 3rd and 4th, 9am to 4.30pm Saturday, 9am to 4pm  Sunday
Where: upstairs at 48 Windmill Road, Epsom.
Cost: $140 total for the two days. Cheque or direct credit - $40 to enrol (non refundable fee).
Materials: Bring your usual calligraphy gear and if anything special is required we will post it here.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

One member's view of the AGM: 
What a pleasant surprise to walk into a full room of people poised for the start of the AGM meeting, way ahead of time (no, I wasn't late), all the tables were set up and the chairs down. More than a baker's dozen which was a great improvement on last year, well done members. A healthy contingency from Warkworth had made the trip down in the dark and the rain, we really appreciated their effort. There was food covering the table down the back and with a few hot drinks we settled into the business. These are not the minutes by the way! All business on the agenda was discussed, new officers elected with more volunteers for the committee. Ideas and solutions were bought forward. After the meeting there was a social chat over a hot drink and the food. Good to see everyone willing and eager. The gilding video started running and I had to leave, with confidence that there was an interesting year planned. Hillary Barnes
The back row