Friday, October 25, 2013

Please notice that the November date should be the 5th. 
A somewhat dodgy calendar was used for the handwritten notice for this meeting. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Christopher Haanes Workshop
A demonstration, for all to watch every move of the pen, body, slope, pressure, relationship, shape, it's a very fulfilling way to learn. Nothing quite beats it. 
Left. Christopher showing Barbara exactly how he does it. Centre. Some of Christopher's work was available for sale. Seeing marks actually on the paper is a good way to analyse  how they were made. Right. Total concentration
Left. Christopher working with a ruling pen. Right. The group. (click on photo to enlarge) minus Bevan and Tom, who had to leave early. There will be a much fuller account with more photos in our next magazine, something to look forward to. I was unfortunately unable to attend this workshop so thanks go to Gill and Dale for the photographs.

Dale explains a little more.  I went along to the last hour of Christopher Haanes workshop to take some photos. When I arrived I was surprise that I could not hear any voices. I was very pleased when I got to the top of the stairs to find everyone hard at work. They had a tea break which gave me the opportunity to go around and take some photos for the next newsletter and to see everyone’s work. Most people said that is was a back to basics for them as they had got into bad habits, and were not looking at their spacing. It seemed that they enjoyed themselves but had to work very hard. Christopher was charming, very tall, handsome and young. He had not quite got his voice back yet and I was very lucky to watch him working on a piece of his work. He had written a piece using a ruling pen which had lots of fine lines to it. I watched and he built up on each letter retouching here and there, it was a fascinating process to watch. It looked a very interesting workshop and I am sure that everyone learnt a lot from him.  More to come in the next newsletter. Dale.