Friday, April 11, 2014

Next months meeting (Tuesday 6th May) has a few exciting things to look forward to. Firstly we will have a journal catch up, everyone please bring your journals along from last month to a show and tell. Even if there is nothing in them - perhaps there will be several of you struggling to work on content. We would love to see those who have completed the quotation challenge too.
We would ask everyone who has made a collaborative book to bring them along as we plan on doing another. Some of our group have no idea how a collaborative project works. There will be a group discussion, some decisions made, and everyone who wishes to join in will go home knowing what to do next.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Our first meeting at the Gifford Gallery was attended by twelve of us. After a catch up greeting and lots of noise, Hillary showed us her first workbook from 1999 and then later ones showing changes. We handed round published books on journal making, content and examples of individual pages from all over the world.
Dale showed us her workbook from the same era and the journals that followed. It was interesting to see different ways a journal could be used. Everyone was given a ring bound journal and were instructed to decorate a page in it. Draw roughly a grid, put our initial in the centre and around in the remaining squares the initials of the others at the tables. We are to finish decorating the page at home. It was supposed to help us break the white page syndrome.

We asked for volunteers for writing names on bookmarks for whole classrooms of children, Susan is organising this. Then a welcome cup of tea and a quick discussion about next months class and what to do in the meantime. Dale has a project for us - to take the words summer, winter, spring and autumn and play around with capitals. White paper please, suitable for publishing, look for ‘Quotation’ in the magazine. Dale made some roughs to give you a starting point.
Added below, one week later are two journal pages that have been further worked on.