Monday, October 29, 2012

Margaret Woollett Exhibition

Margaret has an exhibition up at the Devonport Naval Museum, it has been open since friday the 12th - but don't worry you haven't missed it yet - because it runs until the 30th November. It is housed in the 19th century submarine mining station, 64 King Edward Parade, Torpedo Bay, admission is free and it is open 7 days a week, 10am until 5pm. (Except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.) Margaret writes of her preparation, click here to read. Here is a brief explanation that is on the Navy Museum web site, please click to read more about exhibition. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deirdre's workshop update

Deirdre has emailed us with the equipment for 'Fine-Tuning the Basics' workshop, and suggests keeping it simple with the following materials requirements:

- A4 or A3 Bleedproof layout paper ( Zeta is fine)
- Several pieces of a better quality paper (eg Saunders, Arches, Lana, Canson etc) not full sheets, just a few smaller pieces anywhere between A5 - A3 in size 
- A range of nib sizes (Mitchell or Brause), reservoirs, penholders 
- Your favourite black or sepia practice ink 
   (Quink, Pelican 4001, walnut crystals, stick ink etc)
- Pencil, ruler, eraser
- Water jar, tissues/cloth 

In 2007 DeirdreI attended a workshop at a writing symposium in Sunderland, UK with Sheila and Julian Waters, and hopes to pass on a little of what was learnt then, as well as sundry other tips.  The workshop will run around 1 1/2 hours.

Where: 48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden.
When: Tuesday 6.30 pm, 6th November
Cost: $20 and please bring a plate to share.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deirdre's Evening With Us:

"Fine Tuning of the Basics"

We took up Deirdre's offer to run a workshop at our new venue, while she is over here in New Zealand. It will be held at 48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden, on Tuesday evening 6th November from 6.30pm. Cost; $20 per person and please bring a plate for a light supper afterwards. Deirdre hasn't been able to advise what to bring other than your usual calligraphy gear. Please advise Glenice Martin if you wish to attend here and check this blog nearer the time for updates.

Visit Deirdre's website and be inspired.

Where:   48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden.
When:    Tuesday 6.30 pm, 6th November 
Cost:       $20 and please bring a plate
Bring:      Usual calligraphy gear.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Australia 2013. Are you travelling?

Italian calligrapher, Massimo Polello, click for his website is touring Australia in January 2013. The workshops in Perth, Melbourne and Canberra have been filled already, there are waiting lists set up. Sydney have booked him for two workshops and still have a few vacancies. Hillary has additional information on these tours but it would probably be better to contact the people running the workshops. 

Julian Waters born the UK but lives in the States, is visiting Sydney in August. Click here Julian's web site

Christopher Haanes who lives in Norway, is to visit Melbourne in November for workshops. I couldn't find his blog so click here for some samples of his work. 

This is a good opportunity to visit The Australasian Lettering Link, or ALL. Just click here ALL and find out what is happening in the various calligraphy groups over in Oz. Each society, group etc can be explored to find out what is happening in each particular area. A must if you are travelling over there.

Out and About
The Katikati Millennium project of a haiku pathway along the Uretara Stream has matured. It is believed to be the largest display of boulder haiku in english, outside of Japan.

Diane Johnson photographer
The words evoke images and if you look around you realise how well chosen they are. Alison Furminger visited  this Haiku Trail many years ago, Diane Johnson has revisited recently.

Click on each picture to enlarge it and make reading the haiku easier. There are more boulders on the trail than are shown here. If you are out and about and see examples of calligraphy being used in unusual places, send some photos to show us, perhaps we could even visit and see for ourselves.

Diane Johnson was the photographer for this series.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Monthly Meeting 

We, the eager calligraphers arrived early, keen to start off well in the new classroom. Our regular monthly meeting will continue here for the rest of the year. There are comfortable chairs that do not need to be stacked for the correct height, so farewell to the wobble and crash, lots of tables and a well lit space too. Our heads were down quickly, and right into practicing for the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, envelope postal project, that Tricia Smout (Artist in Residence) invited us to participate in.
Examples of our practice and some envelopes from Glenice, Hillary, Jan (who is overseas now, but was organised enough to hand her beautiful work in before she left), Rose, Roselda, Susan and Tom.
We have some very thoughtful, organised, and talented people in our group, and so we had some delicious muffins and a moist lemon cake for supper. Thank you so much for the extra effort you went to.