Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Australia 2013. Are you travelling?

Italian calligrapher, Massimo Polello, click for his website is touring Australia in January 2013. The workshops in Perth, Melbourne and Canberra have been filled already, there are waiting lists set up. Sydney have booked him for two workshops and still have a few vacancies. Hillary has additional information on these tours but it would probably be better to contact the people running the workshops. 

Julian Waters born the UK but lives in the States, is visiting Sydney in August. Click here Julian's web site

Christopher Haanes who lives in Norway, is to visit Melbourne in November for workshops. I couldn't find his blog so click here for some samples of his work. 

This is a good opportunity to visit The Australasian Lettering Link, or ALL. Just click here ALL and find out what is happening in the various calligraphy groups over in Oz. Each society, group etc can be explored to find out what is happening in each particular area. A must if you are travelling over there.

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