Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deirdre's workshop update

Deirdre has emailed us with the equipment for 'Fine-Tuning the Basics' workshop, and suggests keeping it simple with the following materials requirements:

- A4 or A3 Bleedproof layout paper ( Zeta is fine)
- Several pieces of a better quality paper (eg Saunders, Arches, Lana, Canson etc) not full sheets, just a few smaller pieces anywhere between A5 - A3 in size 
- A range of nib sizes (Mitchell or Brause), reservoirs, penholders 
- Your favourite black or sepia practice ink 
   (Quink, Pelican 4001, walnut crystals, stick ink etc)
- Pencil, ruler, eraser
- Water jar, tissues/cloth 

In 2007 DeirdreI attended a workshop at a writing symposium in Sunderland, UK with Sheila and Julian Waters, and hopes to pass on a little of what was learnt then, as well as sundry other tips.  The workshop will run around 1 1/2 hours.

Where: 48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden.
When: Tuesday 6.30 pm, 6th November
Cost: $20 and please bring a plate to share.

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