Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Monthly Meeting 

We, the eager calligraphers arrived early, keen to start off well in the new classroom. Our regular monthly meeting will continue here for the rest of the year. There are comfortable chairs that do not need to be stacked for the correct height, so farewell to the wobble and crash, lots of tables and a well lit space too. Our heads were down quickly, and right into practicing for the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, envelope postal project, that Tricia Smout (Artist in Residence) invited us to participate in.
Examples of our practice and some envelopes from Glenice, Hillary, Jan (who is overseas now, but was organised enough to hand her beautiful work in before she left), Rose, Roselda, Susan and Tom.
We have some very thoughtful, organised, and talented people in our group, and so we had some delicious muffins and a moist lemon cake for supper. Thank you so much for the extra effort you went to.

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