Friday, May 31, 2013

Annual General Meeting
To be held on Tuesday 4 June 2013 6pm at 48 Windmill Road Mt Eden.


1. Choosing of Officers for 2013

2. Keeping out of town members in the loop. We would like a discussion about how out of town members could keep in touch better. In the past the liaison person would receive an agenda and minutes of committee meetings. The agenda would allow us to make comment on items coming up and the minutes kept us in touch with decisions made, and up coming events. Today the committee seems to be working more informally as there don’t seem to be agendas or minutes. From the Waikato Group

3. The blog is a great help to us, but not always sufficient. For example Deidre’s visit seemed to have been organised at short notice and we became aware of it on the blogsite only the night before the workshop took place. None of us was able to make the trip to Auckland at such short notice. We had expressed interest in be involved when Deidre came and were disappointed not to be there. While we wouldn’t want to travel to Auckland for an evening regularly, it is not impossible and members have done it in the past. We think it would help if someone on the committee was responsible for keeping in more direct contact with the liaison people. Or do you have any other ideas about how the links could be made stronger for NZCalligrapher members who are not in Auckland. From the Waikato Group

4. Review of Posting News Letters




8. General Business

Please contact us by email if you wish to add any items to the agenda.
The Committee are looking forward to seeing you there.

Breaking News:

Something wonderful is in the planning stages for August, Peter Gilderdale has said yes to teaching us 'Modernising Gothics'. The actual dates are still to be confirmed. If you would like to see an excellent web site that features Peter's labels for the Marisco Wine Company (and I recommend this site) please try this link. Get a taste of these. Make sure you have your sound on as well. 

Update 5.6.13
Keep these dates free, August the 3rd & 4th. The cost for the two days is $140, you will need to provide your own materials and the list will be posted when it has been announced.

Modernised Gothic with Peter Gilderdale.
If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact us.
Subject matter line to be Modernised Gothic, in the email please include your name and phone number. A non refundable deposit of $40 is required, please pay to the New Zealand Calligraphers in the form of a cheque or by direct credit. The account details are in the magazine or in the side bar of this blog, remember to mark with your name. Please let the treasurer know in the email how you are paying to avoid confusion.

Watch this space as information will be relayed as it comes to hand.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The minutes from last years meeting have been posted here to give members planing to attend this year an opportunity to read them before the meeting on the 4.6.13. There are no attachments.

Annual General Meeting – Changed to a Committee Meeting as not enough for a quorum
Held on Saturday 24 June 2012. 2.25p.m. 
The Tindell Room, Lake House, Takapuna, Auckland.

Presidents welcome and report. Dale-Cormack Pearson

Present: Glenice Martin, Gill Carlsson, Mary Starr, Jan Leonard, Hillary Barnes

Apologies: Ann Cooper, Roselda Stevens, Tom Smith, Theresa Cashmore, Pam Fricker, Merryl Houghton, Margaret Smith, Hilary Lewis, Bevan Holmes.

Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM held on 18 June 2011. Typing error made to the constitution in regard to quorum. Not able to hold an AGM at this time until clarification made, need to contact Tom Smith, Dale to do. 
*Added to minutes after clarification with Tom Smith : 5/8th of the committee members need to present to make a quorum, this is to be added to the constitution before being printed and sent to all current members.
Moved Gill Carlsson seconded Glenice Martin

Presidents Report: 
Read by Dale Cormack-Pearson, copy attached.
Moved: Gill Carlsson 
Seconded: Jan Leonard

Treasure’s Report:
Presented and read by Glenice Martin, copy attached.
Moved: Jan Leonard
Seconded:  Gill Carlsson

Editor Report:  
Moved: Gill Carlsson
Seconded: Jan Leonard

Librarian Report: 
Moved: Glenice Martin
Seconded: Hillary Barnes

Far North Liaison Officer: No report available. To be looked into for future.

Northland Liaison Officer:  No report available. To be looked into for future.

Wellington Liaison Officer:  Maggie Salter to continue in this role. All present agreed.- report read out 

Waikato and Area Liaison Officer:  Pam Fricker to continue in this role. All present agreed  - 
report read out

Warkworth Liaison Officer  Gill Carlsson
All present agreed - report read out

Election of Officers to the committee of the Society;    These members have been co-opted in to these roles. Mary Starr, Hilary Barnes, Jan Leonard, Tom Smith, Roselda Stevens.
Hillary Barnes has been co-opted to be blog editor.
Jan Leonard, Glenice Martin and Dale-Cormack Pearson will assist with workshop arrangements for the time being. Future workshops to be looked into  Dominic Hurly – Spenserian, Deirdre Hassed ?
General Business
Rooms still needed for classes and group meetings in the evenings during the week  Dale to check out Embroiderer's Gild in Mt Eden.
Request from Gill for use of the library for her group up in Warkworth so some of the available books will be moved there for the time being.

Archivist: Barbara Ellis
All agreed

As unable to run an AGM all roles have remained the same for the time being.
Meeting closed at 3.40pm.
Afternoon tea and discussion about making Victorian items for Lake House Exhibition later in the year.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at 6.30pm. on the 4th June 2013 at 48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden. We look forward to catching up with all our members, and we value your input and ideas. This is your group and we want you to participate. After the meeting we plan to show a gilding Video. (Viewing should take under an hour). Tea and coffee will be served, please bring a plate to share. There is no charge for this evening.