Yves Leterme
Timothy Noad
Theresa Cashmore
St John's Bible

Rachael Yallop
Patricia Gidney

Mary Noble
Martin Jackson
Margaret Morgan
Laurie Doctor
Kalligraphie - Calligraphers worldwide
John Stevens
Jean Larcher
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Ieuan Rees
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Gemma Black
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Edward Johnson Foundation
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Cyberscribes - A discussion forum
Charles Pearce
Cecilia - Lettering Art
Cari Ferraro
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Massimo Pollelo: My Hand Work
Luca Barcellona: Videos
Niels Shoe Meulman: Water Calligraffiti
Neils Shoe Meulman: Off Canvas
Seb Lester: Videos
Pokras Lampas: Calligraphy on canvas
Kate Hursthouse: Mini Documentary 
Kate Hursthouse: Timelapse Wall Mural
The New Zealand Calligraphers has a library full of books on calligraphy, lettering arts and related paper arts. Magazines and newsletters from New Zealand and overseas societies are also collected.

Our library is usually open from 6:00pm on meeting nights.

NZ Calligraphers members are welcome to borrow from the library and browse the collection.

There is also a postal library service available. For a current list of library books please contact Librarian Roselda Stevens - phone: (09) 528 6775. There is also a Round Robin which is a postal exchange of current overseas and local calligraphic newsletters.

If you would like to donate any items, they will happily be accepted.