Thursday, January 29, 2015

You're invited

Auckland's southern-most Gallery will play host to 

"Beyond Type"

an exhibition that celebrates the journey of calligraphy 

presented by Jan Leonard and Barbara Ellis.
Flyer with details
A Message to New Zealand Calligraphers:
Jan and I are having an exhibition in our local Art Gallery from the 27th Feb to the 13th March and we would like to let you know and please note everyone is welcome. The opening is on Sat 28th February, so it's not far away.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Liesbet Boudens

Liesbet Boudens work caught my eye when I was looking through Pinterest. I wanted to collect some of her work together for inspiration and wrote to ask her if I would be allowed to do that and share with you. A quick response arrived with permission and she attached an article as well. Wasn't that genuinely a nice thing to do!  It always surprises me.

Liesbet writes in the article 'My first ventures into the world of letters were made using the calligraphic pen, which incidentally was my father's medium as well. Gradually I changed from written to freely drawn and painted letters on paper, canvas and walls. Pattern, rhythm and colour are very important in my work.'

Her website has been tampered with and she is in the middle of repairing it. This is the link I have but not all is working yet.

If you would like to share with us some calligraphy related information send article and pictures to  the blog please click here for our email address


Jean Larcher has died.


The internet has obituaries from many, many people and organisations that Jean knew and worked with. His partner, Katharine Pieper says he died on Saturday 17th January, after a short and serious illness.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A bit of a spring clean for the new year.

An important date to remember is the first tuesday in February, this is the start of the monthly meetings for this year. Kate Hursthouse will be entertaining us with a presentation. We hope to touch base with the pages of the collaborative book, find out where the pages have been holidaying and perhaps hand over finished work. The date is the 3rd February, come at 6pm if you wish to use the library, the meeting proper will start around 6.30.

A reminder that it is this year we are having an exhibition and members should be thinking about a piece to hang (or maybe several). You should be past just the thinking stage, trials of paper and pigments perhaps roughs, with fine tuning around the corner. It is a good idea to make several copies keep them all, I remember Lorraine Brady saying 3 was the minium number you should do, then select the best.

Below is the information from the magazine in case you have misplaced it. You should be able to click on the image to enlarge it. If this doesnt work check issue no 88 for the flyer.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Photo Nicole Swain. Massimo on canvas.
More Massimo Workshop comments.

Massimo was a great teacher and it was a breath of fresh air for me to spend quite some time thinking about design and what makes a good one. He was helpful and brought some interesting photocopies of varied artists work. It was great to study how they moved the eye around the work, resting on a focal point and then exiting through another clever drawing out technique.
He even had an example of a Caravaggio painting which was really, really interesting and Massimo pointed out the clever way Caravaggio moved the eye into and around the work.
It has been very helpful and I can see already that re-visiting the all important basics of design has made me spend more time evaluating why things are/are not working. 
Thanks Massimo!

An interesting and challenging three days!

This was a fantastic workshop – one in which we used all the materials that were requested.  That it covered three days made it far more comfortable than having to rush through a two day course.  Things had to dry and Massimo has certainly stirred the creative pot for us.  I am so looking forward to spending time scrutinizing the work we covered and completing some of it.  Trish Carrick Leslie was a stalwart in taking notes, which she is collating and intends to hand on.  Massimo, himself, was the most amenable tutor and guest one could have and we all hope that we have done enough to entice him back for a future workshop i.e. there is so much of the country he has yet to see …………..

I found the workshop challenging as I had never used canvases/gesso before, and had done very little collage, but found the whole workshop most rewarding.  Especially liked using the balsa wood on paper - I could see it could be useful for backgrounds for calligraphy.  A big thank you to all the Aucklanders who organised the workshop, kept us fed and watered, transported us and everyone who shared so freely with knowledge and equipment.   Massimo was a great tutor and I loved the bell he rang to bring us all to attention! 

A big thank you to those that sent in photos, to those that hosted over night,  those who made ‘out of towners’ feel at home, and the back door helpers and those unseen doing their bit to help.

Photo Kate Thurston. Lunchtime break.

Welcome to 2015
Timely perhaps.

Another new year stretches out, how to get back to a calligraphy routine might trouble some, with summer diversions still beckoning, may I (Hillary) suggest some solutions.
Most of us have the internet, others have the library or their own creativity to use, do just that.

1.Subscribe to a daily post of poetry, prose, or even a word of the day, for example try this link  Each day take a few minutes to write out the words you choose. You will then have a record of useful quotes that resonate with you. If you do this you will become more familiar with your pen, or brush, maybe after a while better at layout, and even perhaps wish to develop the piece further.

2. Join a visual image site, for example
Search using the word ‘calligraphy’, or for a calligrapher you admire, many wonderful works will appear, perhaps to inspire you to create your own. 

3. Revisit your calligraphy gear, look through workshop material, have your basic tools ready to use, paper, pen and ink. Nothing like a clean out and tidy before starting (especially for procrastinators).

You don’t have time! Are you in catch up mode already! The time needed is just the same amount as a cup of coffee or tea, wine or water.  There are many ways to get started back, the above is a beginning, may it work for you.