Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome to 2015
Timely perhaps.

Another new year stretches out, how to get back to a calligraphy routine might trouble some, with summer diversions still beckoning, may I (Hillary) suggest some solutions.
Most of us have the internet, others have the library or their own creativity to use, do just that.

1.Subscribe to a daily post of poetry, prose, or even a word of the day, for example try this link  Each day take a few minutes to write out the words you choose. You will then have a record of useful quotes that resonate with you. If you do this you will become more familiar with your pen, or brush, maybe after a while better at layout, and even perhaps wish to develop the piece further.

2. Join a visual image site, for example
Search using the word ‘calligraphy’, or for a calligrapher you admire, many wonderful works will appear, perhaps to inspire you to create your own. 

3. Revisit your calligraphy gear, look through workshop material, have your basic tools ready to use, paper, pen and ink. Nothing like a clean out and tidy before starting (especially for procrastinators).

You don’t have time! Are you in catch up mode already! The time needed is just the same amount as a cup of coffee or tea, wine or water.  There are many ways to get started back, the above is a beginning, may it work for you.

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