Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas and a 
Happy New year to All 

A delightful evening was spent at our Christmas get-together at Windmill Road.  My word, the quiz showed up the gap in our memory banks.  So much so, that it was thought that a refresher course in calligraphy fonts, history and calligraphers could be a monthly fare.......for the new year.  It was great to see the Matakana group come all the way down to celebrate with us.   A lovely evening was had by all.

These are some of the  envelope exchanges

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The annual get together of the Associated Book Crafts, Auckland Hand printers and the New Zealand Calligraphers. This year it was hosted by the Printers in Ferndale House, Mt Albert. The photos from left to right are, early arrivals waiting outside for the doors to be unlocked on a glorious day, setting up the Adana hand printing presses for everyone to have a go, eating lunch and trying to do the quiz, and finally the men networking.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Greetings One and All

Our Christmas get together and last meeting of the year is on Tuesday evening 4th December, 6.30pm at our new venue, NZ Embroiderer's Guild, 48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden.

Please bring a plate to share. We will have tea, coffee, wine and juice to drink.

Gill Carlsson suggested a good idea. Bring two questions regarding calligraphy to put to the assembled members, and the person with the most correct at the end wins. 

There will be a small table set up as a bring and buy, not necessarily calligraphic but at least handmade.

Most importantly:- please bring along a hand made calligraphed card to put into an exchange.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Theresa Cashmore Exhibition
6 Rakau Street - Remuera
December 3rd - 6th         10am - 5pm
Included in this exhibition of paintings there are pieces  that Theresa took to Italy in 2010 for the Commemoration of the 66th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino, (a chance to see these right here in Auckland). Theresa is also exhibiting a small range of hand made books.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small Objects of Desire.

A ten-day calligraphy workshop exploring the elegant and tiny writing of renaissance Florence after which we will explore the beauty of David Jones inscriptional panels. A workshop from one extreme to the other in the desire to explore our love of letters. In a relaxed and friendly art environment enjoy your passion in the daytime then relax in the evenings with concerts by some of Australia's finest musicians … all on campus and at your fingertips. Held at USQ  McGregor College, Toowoomba, QLD between  9th - 19th January 2013 with Tutor: Gemma Black

Monday, November 12, 2012

Photographer Diane
Do you ever notice the alphabet being used in public places? Good or bad signs, handwritten work,  why don't you take a snapshot and send it to us here ? Diane was at a NZ Post shop at the local airport and noticed a stamp sheet on the wall, It was behind the counter so she asked permission to photograph it. It was the Alphabet made up with NZ postage stamps. I like The Edmonds E. There are many identifiable letters from the logos and some well recognised images, and the stamps are real. Look out for this sheet. Click on image to enlarge.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ink  Paper Thread
A Fine Line Gallery

A unique exhibition by 10 artists who are linked by ink, paper, and thread, they are Printmakers, Calligraphers and Book Artists. The Gallery is based in Charlie's Gelato Garden, 17 Sharp Road, Matakana. There is still time to see this  unusual combined exhibition as it runs until the 2nd December. 

Some casual snapshots have become available,  they were taken on the opening night,  and capture only a few of the exhibits, you really need to visit to appreciate the range of skill and ability of these artists.

Diane Johnson photographer


An opportunity arose for me to visit Margaret Woollett's Exhibition in Devonport this week. See earlier post of Oct 29th for more details. For those who are out of the city here are a few details up closer than the other available material shows. However nothing is quite the same as seeing with your own eyes, you need to see the impact of size and the play of light etc. The Museum sits on an amazing site, nestled in under the hill, right on the water's edge with a wide view of Auckland city from across the harbour. With no charges, on site parking, and a pleasant modern cafe, I recommend a visit.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Workshop with Deirdre
Deirdre Hassad was the first tutor to visit us in our new venue at Windmill Road and the course was called 'Fine tuning the Basics'. For me it was spring cleaning even before Deirdre started, my pens had stood upright in the jar, open to the air and covered in dust, and had done so for many months. I replaced and cleaned them so they all worked. After the workshop introductions Deirdre took us through the exemplar, showing and explaining the differences in italic, this can be applied to any hand. Then it was up to us to work from the exemplar, trying to understand what was happening with the pen, angle, ink and paper.

Silence but for the scratching of nibs. Rose, Hilary, Roselda, Dawn and Theresa concentrating hard.

Good work is rewarded by a fine supper and this was only one of the tables.  We had time to socialise and catch up with old friends, networking and discussing the past year and what was coming up in the next. The return to the 'reason for our group' and the timing of this evening was excellent.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Waikato Calligraphers’ Workshop: 
Pointed Brush Lettering with Alison Furminger

A workshop organised by Waikato Calligraphers and featuring the art of brush lettering led by Wellington-based professional calligrapher Alison Furminger was held on the 27 October at The Link, Hamilton. The workshop was made possible with the funding support of Creative New Zealand.
Alison demonstrated the skills of pointed brush lettering in the style developed by American calligrapher Marilyn Reaves. Seventeen very motivated calligraphers attended: most from Hamilton, but some came from as far afield as Auckland, Taupo and Papamoa. Many others also wanted to register, but we had reached our maximum number.
Four of the group had been lucky enough to have attended Marilyn Reaves New Zealand workshop in the mid 1990s. A group photo from that long ago workshop was circulated during the day and someone suggested that we too should have a group photo. After lunch we all trooped out for a photo shoot on the steps of The Link.

Left to Right, Standing: Marian, Robyn, Jenny, Kathe, Lynette, Jan, Nigel and Tom. 
Sitting top step: Lesley, Judy, and Pam. Middle step: Alison and Maree. Bottom step: Rose, Rebecca, and Bridget.

Alison started with the basic brush strokes and then gave a letter by letter demonstration. Her approach was especially helpful because she constantly circulated giving advice and encouragement. Many of us experimented with colour and some even lettered a favourite quote.

With all this concentrated effort we still found time to get to know others in the group, with lots of good hearted banter and appreciation of each other’s work. When our catered lunch arrived the room was abuzz with noise - old friendships were renewed and new ones formed.

Everyone had a very enjoyable day.  We are very grateful to Alison for travelling to Hamilton, for her clear instructions, her gentle suggestions and her inspiring creativity.             
Report by Pam Fricker, photographs by Elaine Riddell.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Margaret Woollett Exhibition

Margaret has an exhibition up at the Devonport Naval Museum, it has been open since friday the 12th - but don't worry you haven't missed it yet - because it runs until the 30th November. It is housed in the 19th century submarine mining station, 64 King Edward Parade, Torpedo Bay, admission is free and it is open 7 days a week, 10am until 5pm. (Except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.) Margaret writes of her preparation, click here to read. Here is a brief explanation that is on the Navy Museum web site, please click to read more about exhibition. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deirdre's workshop update

Deirdre has emailed us with the equipment for 'Fine-Tuning the Basics' workshop, and suggests keeping it simple with the following materials requirements:

- A4 or A3 Bleedproof layout paper ( Zeta is fine)
- Several pieces of a better quality paper (eg Saunders, Arches, Lana, Canson etc) not full sheets, just a few smaller pieces anywhere between A5 - A3 in size 
- A range of nib sizes (Mitchell or Brause), reservoirs, penholders 
- Your favourite black or sepia practice ink 
   (Quink, Pelican 4001, walnut crystals, stick ink etc)
- Pencil, ruler, eraser
- Water jar, tissues/cloth 

In 2007 DeirdreI attended a workshop at a writing symposium in Sunderland, UK with Sheila and Julian Waters, and hopes to pass on a little of what was learnt then, as well as sundry other tips.  The workshop will run around 1 1/2 hours.

Where: 48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden.
When: Tuesday 6.30 pm, 6th November
Cost: $20 and please bring a plate to share.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deirdre's Evening With Us:

"Fine Tuning of the Basics"

We took up Deirdre's offer to run a workshop at our new venue, while she is over here in New Zealand. It will be held at 48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden, on Tuesday evening 6th November from 6.30pm. Cost; $20 per person and please bring a plate for a light supper afterwards. Deirdre hasn't been able to advise what to bring other than your usual calligraphy gear. Please advise Glenice Martin if you wish to attend here and check this blog nearer the time for updates.

Visit Deirdre's website and be inspired.

Where:   48 Windmill Road, Mt Eden.
When:    Tuesday 6.30 pm, 6th November 
Cost:       $20 and please bring a plate
Bring:      Usual calligraphy gear.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Australia 2013. Are you travelling?

Italian calligrapher, Massimo Polello, click for his website is touring Australia in January 2013. The workshops in Perth, Melbourne and Canberra have been filled already, there are waiting lists set up. Sydney have booked him for two workshops and still have a few vacancies. Hillary has additional information on these tours but it would probably be better to contact the people running the workshops. 

Julian Waters born the UK but lives in the States, is visiting Sydney in August. Click here Julian's web site

Christopher Haanes who lives in Norway, is to visit Melbourne in November for workshops. I couldn't find his blog so click here for some samples of his work. 

This is a good opportunity to visit The Australasian Lettering Link, or ALL. Just click here ALL and find out what is happening in the various calligraphy groups over in Oz. Each society, group etc can be explored to find out what is happening in each particular area. A must if you are travelling over there.

Out and About
The Katikati Millennium project of a haiku pathway along the Uretara Stream has matured. It is believed to be the largest display of boulder haiku in english, outside of Japan.

Diane Johnson photographer
The words evoke images and if you look around you realise how well chosen they are. Alison Furminger visited  this Haiku Trail many years ago, Diane Johnson has revisited recently.

Click on each picture to enlarge it and make reading the haiku easier. There are more boulders on the trail than are shown here. If you are out and about and see examples of calligraphy being used in unusual places, send some photos to show us, perhaps we could even visit and see for ourselves.

Diane Johnson was the photographer for this series.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Monthly Meeting 

We, the eager calligraphers arrived early, keen to start off well in the new classroom. Our regular monthly meeting will continue here for the rest of the year. There are comfortable chairs that do not need to be stacked for the correct height, so farewell to the wobble and crash, lots of tables and a well lit space too. Our heads were down quickly, and right into practicing for the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, envelope postal project, that Tricia Smout (Artist in Residence) invited us to participate in.
Examples of our practice and some envelopes from Glenice, Hillary, Jan (who is overseas now, but was organised enough to hand her beautiful work in before she left), Rose, Roselda, Susan and Tom.
We have some very thoughtful, organised, and talented people in our group, and so we had some delicious muffins and a moist lemon cake for supper. Thank you so much for the extra effort you went to.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tuesday  2ND October  2012
6pm onwards
at our new premises
48 Windmill Road, Mt. Eden/Epsom
$5.00 per session

Please bring scraps of paper sufficient to make A4 envelopes; glue/double sided sticky tape, rulers, scissors, Stanley knives. and usual calligraphy gear.
Envelopes will be addressed to: 

                        A-I-R MAIL PROJECT
                        Brisbane Botanic Gardens
                        Mt. Coot-tha Road
                        Toowong, QLD 4066

Tricia Smout has been made Artist in Residence and wishes to have a large background of “The Language of Nature” decorated envelopes from around the world. Please go to her web site here or blog here .

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Roving reporter Bevan has sent a card to Dale. He says "we have had a dream holiday...been to so many places in Italy, all the ropes and spots just magical. We visited Margaret Morgan at her home in Chetmorton - wonderful - she is heading to the Winter Workshop in Auzzie next year - and hopefully will make it over to NZ. We are making our way to London, off to Melbourne, Auzzie on Sunday. Weather comfortable in England - we had 40c in Italy. We have had little sit down and relax time!!!"
Sherborne Missal c1400
Showing Moses and Aaron. Small print on the back says:- The Sherborne Missal was produced for use in Sherborne Abbey on great feast days, the miniature show Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh. Their rods have changed into serpents. In the left margin is the Sherborne monk John Whas, who inscribed the 600 page missal. In the right margin is a study of a wren with a scroll bearing the words in Latin, 'Moses and Aaron make signs before Pharaoh'. The missal is housed in the British Library.
Dale-Cormack Pearson.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This has only just been bought to my attention and it will be too late for most of us to get there. I am sorry. Perhaps there is a member that attended and would like to write a short piece about the experience, please just send Hillary an email.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gemma Black is teaching calligraphy in Italy. There is more information on her blogsite click here and some really, really beautiful work. I might even be tempted to buy a lotto ticket. It would be wonderful.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Auckland Calligrapher's new meeting place 

48 Windmill Road, Tuesday, October 2nd, from 6pm.

A change of venue for those who attend the monthly meetings in Auckland. It's at no. 48 Windmill Road, from the road it's the building on the right hand end. The entry door is behind the upright short fence that has the Embroiderer's Guild sign. The rooms are light and airy during the day and seem to have plenty of light for evening. The tables are already up and waiting for us. We have the added bonus of being able to set up and start a little earlier than before, the cost will be the same - $5 per evening per person. Rose has to collect the key on the way and it will be a close call for her to get there by 6pm knowing Auckland traffic. So entry to the building will be sometime after 6pm, first evening will be a bit of a time trial and if Rose cannot manage we will reconsider. We have moved the day to the first Tuesday of the month - October 2nd. Bring along your usual calligraphy supplies, and please think about what you would like to accomplish for the rest of the year. We will have a discussion and try for a plan that suits us all.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Waikato Pointed Brush Lettering Workshop

More information
Click on image to enlarge 

Pointed Brush Lettering Workshop

NAME: ................................................................................................................... 
ADDRESS: ............................................................................................................ ................................................................................................................................
E‐MAIL ADDRESS : ............................................................................................. 
PHONE NO: .......................... FEE ENCLOSED $.............................
This workshop is limited to 16 people, so register early to be sure of a place. We are planning to provide a catered lunch for $14.00 (payable on the day). If you do not opt for this you will need to bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee provided.
I would like to have lunch provided: Yes /No (circle one) If you have any dietary requirements such as vegetarian/ gluten free comment here: ......................................................................................................
Please print and post completed registration form to: E.Riddell, 5 Dunsford Mews, Hamilton, 3204, with a cheque for $30 (made out to E.Riddell). If you prefer to pay online, e‐mail waikatocalligraphers@gmail.com  for the account details. Enquiries to Pamela Fricker (07) 8345605 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Graffiti (after reading L.A.R. Editor's letter) 

In the Letter Arts review 26:3 Christopher Calderhead (Editor) writes about the graffiti technique. I do hope you get to read his letter, it should be in the library soon. It got me thinking that I should try and find some graffiti in my home city and yes, we have graffiti and taggers. I met some today, articulate, keen to explain the process, they knew about calligraphy, and were kind enough to suggest other locations that they knew had examples. This one was on a derelict site in Glen Innes, huge concrete walls going nowhere. I forgot to measure them, a guess would be 30' x 10' high. The artist for this one was an australian and his style is different, he uses finer and sharper lines. 
This one took several hours for two people to execute. It is drawn and written straight from the paint can and rollers. It was done by the couple I  spoke to. They were packing up when we drove across the paddock to get up close. They were certainly colourful and stood out. 
Can you decipher what this one says? The young woman said that there was a long wall down in Manukau City near the Supa Centre that has artwork all along it, so I headed for there next. I found more  and more. I left out the tagging examples as that seems to be another sort of urban lettering, more personal signatures. This is graffiti lettering and early examples can be seen in Pompeii, they survived the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Click on the images to see them larger.
Manukau City
Manukau City
Manukau City
Manukau and Otahuhu Railyards