Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This is an invitation to come along to our Christmas 'Do', looking forward to seeing you.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Are you interested? 
Margaret Schmidt is coming over from Australia, possibly May 2014 depending on your interest, and offers a workshop using some of the suggestions below. Gillian Carlsson in Warkworth will be organising it. We are wanting to gauge interest by your response as funding and organising will need to be in place soon.

BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUNDS: 2 or 3 days of creating gorgeous papers you'll be inspired to write on! Covers background washes, special effects, sponging, metallic leaf, lattice cutting, embossing & sculptured letters.

CREATIVE CALLIGRAPHIC CARDS: 1 or 2 days learning lettering with a quirky flavour, and combining different calligraphic styles with colour & simple decorations to create cards with character (2 days is not as rushed and can include techniques for the parallel pen).

TRICKY THINGS: 1 day sharing all my secrets for writing on candles, christmas balls, plates, rocks & other tricky surfaces.

TINY TREASURES: 1 day, any level - how to write small, in books, in boxes to create tiny treasures.
CONTEMPORARY POINTED PEN: 1 day for confident calligraphers, or 2 days for less experienced - pointed nibs are good for more than Copperplate! Learn several contemporary styles, based on Italic & Copperplate, to create lettering with an energetic, modern feel.
FREEFORM VERSALS: 1 day - this could follow on from contemporary pointed pen for more experienced calligraphers.

GOTHICIZED ITALIC: 1 day - an elegant lettering style to suit all student levels.

If you are interested or want to know more please contact  by email,
Click here for Margaret's company website.

Please let us know...

Some examples of Margaret's work.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday – 5 November – Evening Class at Windmill Road, Epsom.

Erin and Glenice
 What a wild night we had! For a starter we were downstairs, I have never been there before and we were greeted with this lovely display of shoes as we opened the doors. When we went upstairs to put books and videos back in the library we were greeted with a wonderful display of Embroidery. Believe me it was a mix of beautiful pieces of work, we came back down stairs inspired. As the night progressed the rain set in and the wind was like a howling gale all around us but outside. We were nice and cosy inside with plenty of light to work with and comfortable chairs and of course the odd cup of tea and coffee. Jan inspired us all by bringing along a page of Christmas lettering which could end up as Christmas wrapping paper but like all good things we ran out of time. I spent the evening trying all my paints to get the right red for my Christmas flowers, sorry no work to show you. However, there are some photos of the start of Christmas wrapping paper and then some pieces by other members writing,  Roselda, Rose and Glenice and Erin playing around with designs. It was a good night after getting the depressing news that we will have to move again. So we will have to look for rooms elsewhere and also cupboard space to house the library. It is such a shame as I know we have enjoyed being able to use the space and see the Embroiderer's creative pieces. The next Class is on 3 December and that will be our break up Christmas party. Same place, same time. Please bring a plate to share and make sure you make a Christmas card and then we will have a lucky dip of Christmas Cards and you will be able to take one home - that is if you put one in. Dale-Cormack Pearson.
Left: Jan's exemplar     Right: Rose