Thursday, January 30, 2014

A message from your committee. 
This email is a reminder that the first meeting is this Tuesday evening 4th February, at 6:30pm - yes it really is that close! The February meeting will be the beginning of an exciting year of workshops and get togethers. We have planned to include in this first meeting the launch of a new class. NZ Calligraphers Letter Formation Courses 2014.
There will be an explanation of the format of these courses, which will be calligraphy at your own speed, and in your own time.  In 2014 the focus will be 'CAPITALS'.   At the monthly meetings, time has been allotted to help students as they progress through the course. Each person can work at their own speed, and submit their work in for critique from Jan and Dale as they finish each piece.  There will probably be six 'lessons' available in each genre, and then the process will begin again with whatever other type of lettering is wanted.
We will also be able to give you information regarding the planned workshops available in the year ahead. We will soon need to move from Windmill Road, so this may be discussed as well.
We look forward to seeing you all at Windmill Road Embroiderers Guild Clubrooms on Tuesday evening.
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