Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Please continue to use your journals as often as you can. We would like to publish anything you think might be of interest to others who are doing the same thing. We would like to know how you made the time to do it, and the sorts of things you used it for. Sometimes solutions for you can help someone else who has ground to a halt. Please contact Dale if you would like to share.
Collaborative book.
This is on hold temporarily as members are over committed with courses and completion of other calligraphy artwork. If you want to continue please contact Dale as there may be enough people to continue a smaller edition. The contact details are in the sidebar of this blog.
Reminder. Artwork with 'Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter' for the magazine is needed now, please make sure you send it to Dale or bring along to the A.G.M. if you cannot.

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