Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Glenn Grishkoff

Brush Maker Extraordinaire

California-based Glenn grew up watching his Chinese-born Russian father grind his own ink and brush iconic glyphs from his childhood onto rice paper. This and his own experience in Asia taught Grishkoff the power of a brushstroke and the spirit of natural materials. The sculptural objects and performances he creates with clay, paper, wood, metal, textiles and hair, reference his own story and the materials he uses.
In his work, one sees a reflection of human experience as the artist pays homage to the animal spirit instilled within the physical world.  He is interested in the brush as art and function. More information  here 

"Rock", coil-built porcelain, garnet sand; raku fired, cone 06; horse mane hair; 10"x15.5"x12",
He conducts hands on brush making workshops and is currently booking future workshop presentations. He is constructing a second website that will feature, his functional brushes, paintings, student work, collaboratives and all workshop information for people wanting to host workshops and people taking his workshops. The brushes he teaches how to make in his workshops work with all visual art areas and appeal to a diverse crowd. 
"Ink Well", porcelain sculpted with elbow and hand impressions; 
high salt fired, cone 10, powdered glass; brush handle, course garnet dust, deer tail hair; 10"x 7" x 3.5", 2008
I wrote to Glenn and he kindly gave his permission to use the images and information on his site. If the contents of this post interested you - there is a lot more available and I recommend visiting Glenn's website 

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