Sunday, August 17, 2014

September Monthly Meeting
We have organised something completely different for the next monthly meeting in September, something to make us think, discuss and explore. To get started here are a couple of statements for you to mull over:-

When applying for a job I mentioned my interest in calligraphy, 
only for the employer to say "Oh, that means you will be very precise.
"Do you think this is the case for most calligraphers 
and is this a positive or negative or both?

People working in the arts 
often find it difficult to produce their best work on demand.
Does calligraphy have a place in the commercial world
or should we be happy to view it as a process which 
when it happens can be of monetary or personal reward?

Hillary plans on having the internet available for those who wish to learn a bit more about navigating to the calligraphy interest sites. She is bringing her computer in and using her phone for connection.

Think about some of your own questions to raise and hear the group respond.

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