Wednesday, April 08, 2015


WHERE: Lake House, Takapuna
WHEN: 5th - 24th May, 2015
OPENING: Tuesday 5th May, from 5-7pm

This is an open exhibition and all members are encouraged to enter as many pieces as you like.

Work needs to be delivered to the Lake House by Monday 4th May. If this is not possible please contact Jan Leonard (09 232 0068) to make other arrangements.

Please see below for a full list of detailed conditions and information about entering the exhibition.

For those who find it hard to come up with an idea we will also have a category involving a poem written especially for us by one of our members, Elaine Riddell. You may use all or part of the text in any format that appeals to you.

Wind drops, sea settles
sun dips below cloud
casting gold over hills,
waves on rocks below soften,
two remnant gulls
above the headland
call their departure.
Across the gulf
hills of Coromandel mist away, 
day moon brightens into night,
lone cricket begins to sing.
Rarely does night so gently fall.
- Elaine Riddell

1. Lake House commission on work sold is 30%. This means the price you put on your work should include this.
2. All work must be the artist's own work and completed within the last year. We ask that it is for sale. You may enter as many pieces as you like.
3. NZ Calligraphers are charging a fee of $10 per entry to help cover the costs of the gallery rental.
4. Work MUST be ready to hang when delivered. Lake House has the Artiteq rail system so works need to have D rings or eyelet hooks placed 3/4 of the way up the back of your piece. If you have an unframed piece which is light you may hang it with bulldog clips. This is your responsibility.
5. Please label the back of your piece with your name, address, phone number, medium used and the price. Also attach this information on a swing tag. (This is for cataloguing purposes.)
6. Although we will take every care of your work NZ Calligraphers cannot be responsible for any damage or loss.
7. Work needs to be delivered to Lake House preferably on the morning of Monday 4th May or you can leave your pieces with the person on duty on Sunday. If this is not possible please contact Jan Leonard (09 232 0068) to make arrangements.
8. Installation will be on the 4th and 5th of May. The opening will be on the 5th of May from 5-7pm.
9. All unsold work must be collected at the completion of the exhibition on May 24th.
10. The curator has the final say on which works may or may not be included.
11. Please complete the entry form and send to -   
     Jan Leonard
     120 Torkar Road
     Clarkes Beach
     Auckland 2122
If you require an entry form please email us at -
We would really like to have an idea of your pieces and how many you will be submitting before the exhibition. If you find you have more time to produce more work we will happily accept it on the day.
12. Lake House have requested that each person who is exhibiting provides a CV. Could you please right a brief one up to 300 words and send it to Jan Leonard - as soon as possible as they want it before the exhibition.